The Luxury Rose Bear..

So you've seen our Rose Bear range and have fallen in love with the 100+ handcrafted roses that make this product tick.

Well now we have an elite range of Rose Bear's that take the concept of hand made roses to the next level.

Combining Swarovski inspired diamonds with our decorative quintessential roses, we are ever so excited to share with you our Luxury Diamond Rose Bear range.

Coming available in a range of different colours and variants, this is the ideal gift to make your loved one smile today. These luxury Rose Bears have been carefully handcrafted to produce this Flower Bear boasting luxury with lushness.

Feel in awe with over 50 diamonds carefully incorporated into the roses to make this the ideal gift idea for someone you love.

We have a range of Diamond Rose Bear's available in either 25CM or 35CM in height. Additionally we can personalise any bear as per your request.

Get in touch today to avoid disappointment. Our Diamond Rose Bear's are selling fast.

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