Choosing an Enchanted Rose Dome..

Here at Photopsy, we are the Rose Bear & Artificial Rose Craft specialists offering a range of different luxury gifts.

All gifts can be personalised and customised as per your request which is why today we would like to introduce you to our lush Enchanted Forever Rose in a Glass Dome.

Available in a variety of different colours & designs this Enchanted Rose is the perfect gift idea that boasts luxury and cuteness.

Coming equipped in a premium glass dome, there is a forever rose placed carefully inside that has been preserved to last a lifetime making this gift eternal.

Inspired from beauty & the beast, our enchanted rose also features LED lighting with a long lasting battery to light up your day.

On offer from just £33.99, we offer free delivery and ship worldwide. This eternal rose is ideal for a range of different occasions and lasts a lifetime.

Buy today before it's too late!

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