Politique d'expédition

Shipping Policy

Shipping is subjective to product availability and arrival. Once we have received your order, we will send you an order confirmation.

After your order has been processed, we will endeavour to keep you updated with arrival of your shipment.

In most cases, we shall provide you with a tracking number where applicable and let you know once your product has been dispatched.

Free Delivery: We offer free delivery across the UK. The arrival time for our free delivery service can vary from 14-28days.

Express Delivery: We offer an expressed delivery service where your item will be shipped the same day/nex day. Shipments tend to arrive between 7-15 days.

We reserve the right to allow a 3 month maximum wait time for arrival of the shipment. This is in case of any shipping issues however we endeavour to try our very best to ensure product arrival within 28 days.