The Minnie Mouse Rose Bouquet of Love

As a child, we all grew up in awe of our favourite Disney characters; and for those fortunate enough to see Disneyland, we will all know how cute and cool Mickey & Minnie Mouse were.

That's why here at Photopsy we like to make your dreams come true, particularly in a gift form.

Every lady loves a bouquet of flowers don't they? So how about we as the Rose Bear specialists produce a Flower Bouquet in an eternal Rose Bear form. And better yet, let's carve the bouquet to a Mickey & Minnie Mouse.

That's why we are taking great pleasure in introducing to you The Minnie Mouse Rose Bouquet of Love.

Made from 100+ forever roses, this is the ideal gift to treat a loved one today.

We will personally handcraft the bouquet in a lush material and hand-make the Mickey & Minnie Mouse Rose Bear in a colour of your choice.

On top of that, we will ship worldwide and offer free UK delivery.

Currently available at a sale price, get buying today before it's too late!